Taking tilt to the next level [Video]

If you don’t know already, I’m a little obsessed with pinball. I’m also a little obsessed with mechanical LEGO builds, kinetic sculptures, and automaton. So naturally, I was overly excited when I saw that one of my favorite builders, Teun de Wijs, has married a couple of my favorite things together! This legendary pinball game turned LEGO automaton is incredible.

The way Teun uses gearing and switches to make the lights blink and the pot-bellied man tilt the machine makes me jealous at his ingenuity. I do have to say that the hip thrusting is a little intense though…

If you like this build, you’ll love Teun’s other magical LEGO creations. They are a step above anything else I’ve seen! Also, if you like pinball and haven’t checked out my own 100% LEGO machine, Benny’s Spaceship Adventure, you should take a look!

2 comments on “Taking tilt to the next level [Video]

  1. Teun de Wijs

    Thanks for the post, Bre. I’m glad you like it! Dear Lord, that machine of yours… Incredible, what an massively intricate build (and I love the theme. Classic space rules!).

  2. Bre Burns Post author

    Hey Teun! Thank you so much for the compliment! I’d love to swap notes sometime and see your thought process/how you do it! Truly brilliant mechanics. Having LEGO sensors and NXT “brains” for my machine almost seems like cheating compared to your techniques! I look forward to seeing what you do next.


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