Now I know my A B Cs...

…Next time won’t you sing with me? With several toddlers roaming the hardwood, I sing the alphabet song frequently around my house. It’s a classic. That also seems to be what Dave Kaleta is singing with this gorgeous poster shot of all of his alphabet starfighters, built out of LEGO in collaboration with his young son. We have featured several of them on their own, like B and C, among others, but all together they are gorgeous.

Alphabet starfighter group

And while we usually don’t promote contests here at The Brothers Brick, I can’t resist pointing out that Dave really is inviting you to sing the space alphabet song with him by entering your own alphabet starfighter into his contest (clicking the image below will bring you to the rules). It ends May 9th, by the way, so you have time to get some entries in!

I love the nods to many classic space themes among the letters. A is Blacktron, B is Blacktron II, F is Futuron, I is Ice Planet 2002, L is Classic Space, M is M-Tron, and P is Space Police II. Most of the rest are beautiful explorations of color and form, playing with palettes and greebling while being constrained by the set of guidelines that Dave set for himself (it has to be sturdy enough to be played with by a four-year-old, for example, to which I can relate; that’s my own standard for the cars and trucks I build these days). Some of my favorites among the group are:

The P-Wing, with the cool Space Police II coloring, perfect lettering, and awesome functions.

P-Wing Police Cruiser (2020)

The U-Wing, with brilliant non-standard spaceship colors.

U-Wing Starfighter (2020)

And the Q-Wing, with incredible shaping and great functionality with its swinging cockpit.

Q-Wing Hero Shot

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and build some alphabet starfighters! Spread literacy across the galaxy!