Whisper words of wisdom, letter B

My favorite letter of the alphabet is B, followed closely by S; not because I like to call people on their BS, but because those are my initials. In fact, my love for the letter B was one major reason why Blacktron II (or Future Generation) was my favorite space theme, with the green B emblazoned on their chests. It was like a whole crew of Benjamins. Dave Kaleta, fresh off a series of alphabet space ships, brings us the best letter of all. And, like the ships of Blacktron II, it comes apart (or combines, depending on your point of view).

b-Wing Starfighters

I love the way the two lower-case b-wings combine to form an upper-case B-wing, a great nod to the modular functions of the old theme. Fans will also love the trans-neon green canopies along with the black and white color scheme. The inclusion of a few tiles with arrows (though not the ones from Blacktron II) adds to the period charm. My only gripe is that Dave used magnets to connect them rather than bricks with pins and Technic bricks with holes, as though this were an M-tron ship. I’ll overlook that, though, since it is my favorite space crew and my favorite letter.

B-Wing Engines

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  1. Dave

    Thanks for the blog post Benjamin! I’ll admit, I thought about using the technic brick and pin connection, but it would have been too fragile for my four year old to play with. The magnets make it much easier for him take apart and reconnect the fighters :)

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