Same form, different functions

With the release of the latest LEGO Ninjago line, we’ve received a cool new collection of arcade pods.  Builder Xennethy has transformed the oddly shaped “game cabinet” shells into some awesome vendor stalls. In particular, this collection features news, hat, and vegetable stands.

The cabinet alone is a pretty awkward and cumbersome element, but a handful of simple accessories gives it a whole new life. It’s easy to imagine them in any city or park scene. Click the link below to see close-ups of the nifty builds.

A few plates and newspaper tiles makes this stall a staple of any busy city street.

Add your collection of minifigure hats and you’ve got a hat stand fit for any tourist attraction!

And your farmers market would not be complete without a veggie vendor. In fact, switch up the fare and you could have a whole slew of foodie favorites.

One thing is for sure; these cute little builds give me all kinds of ideas for populating future dioramas. Amusement park or carnival, anyone? By the way, you should take a look at a few of the other sets in the 2020 Ninjago line, which are filled with many fun new parts!