2019 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 20

Welcome to Day 20 of our LEGO Advent Calendar countdown. Each day, we’ll reveal the four mini-builds from the LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends, and LEGO City 2019 advent calendars along with commentary from The Brothers Brick team.

If you’re opening one (or more) of these advent calendars along with us, we’ve made sure the pictures and commentary on each day’s models will be behind a jump so we don’t accidentally ruin the surprise. Will Day 20 be the best day yet?

For Day 20, we have a plinth from Harry Potter and a Hoth scene from Star Wars.

Dave: At first glance, the plinth from the Harry Potter advent doesn’t seem like the most dynamic build though it feels substantial. Considering we will likely be getting something in the future to put on top of it, I am excited to see the complete version. I do love the double jumper, and you get FOUR exclusive printed 2×2 tiles for each of the Hogwarts’ houses–something that the humongous 71043 Hogwarts Castle didn’t even include (I am tempted to swap out the stickered versions with these). 

For Star Wars, we have an ion cannon on the snowy planet of Hoth. I swear in the movie I thought the blasts were more like red pulses than a blue beam but the blue feels more icy. (Side note: For a Christmas advent, I would have hoped the designers had included a playful nod to the holidays here with the snow. I’ll hold out hope more holiday humor is on the horizon.)

Lino: “It says here you should consult a doctor if that doesn’t go down after four hours.”

Benjamin: I’m guessing we are about to get a statue, based on the base. Or a return to LEGO games since it looks like a die. As for that ion cannon, well, I regret reading Lino’s comment too.

Chris: That looks less like a v-150 Planet Defender from Hoth and more like a giant suction cup arrow shot from space.

Chuck: Kind of amazing that in the $400 Hogwarts Castle, the house tiles like these are stickered, but in a $40 advent calendar we get exclusive printed pieces.

Matt: Looks like someone’s putting Hoth on a pedestal.

Continuing with Day 20, we have a candy cane ornament from Friends and a snowboarder from City.

Dave: This Friends candy cane is almost the same as last year except with a white macaroni tube (I suspect the part in white wasn’t available last year since it has just started showing up in sets recently.) The City snowboarder is great, with a dark azure torso that is new this year as well, first appearing in 60203 Ski Resort.  My favorite part of this minifig is the Ushnka hat!

Lino: Soon she will learn the true meaning of diabetes.

Benjamin: “Watch me grind on this candy-cane rail, Mom!”

Chris: Twisted stripes are difficult to do with LEGO, so I don’t think I could do any better myself without custom printing. Nevertheless, I always see a train crossing pole rather than a candy cane when I see this.

Chuck: Swap the last 90-degree white pipe section for red, and that exact build was in last year’s Friends Advent calendar.

Matt: Hit the slopes where where you’re one candy cane away from death by sugar.

Whenever we can, we’ll mash up all the LEGO advent calendar builds from that specific day and see what kind of hilarity ensues. Please enjoy these hijinks!

Dave: That’s a tiny gate the championship snowboarder had to get through to win the torch! I wonder if snowboards fly in the Wizarding World or if there is a winter sport akin to Quidditch? (Also. those other two printed tiles of Hogwarts houses look awesome!)

Lino: Oddly specific but it turns out there really is a trophy for credit-carding your gooch at the skate park.

Benjamin: It’s like the Olympics, but instead of a medal you get a torch.

Chris: Who knew that Shaun White went to Hogwarts?

Chuck: The torch with an ice handle would certainly give you cold hands!

Matt: Forget going for the gold; go for the peppermint!

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4 comments on “2019 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 20

  1. William

    Nobody noticed that the 1×4 tile things with 2 studs in the Harry Potter build are a new mold underneath. Mabye not, I am not sure

  2. Purple Dave

    It actually makes sense, if you think about it. Between the exclusive minifigs and trophy figs, and any actual new elements (part+color), Hogwarts probably already used up a bunch of Wizarding World’s element quota when it came out, and with a large sticker sheet already on tap, four more stickers is just free deco.

    On the other hand, has any Advent Calendar ever come with stickers? Between the 24-pocket tray, the tiny bags stuffed into them, and the little doors you use to access them, that just seems to have disaster written all over it. And even if the sticker sheet isn’t mangled, hasn’t fallen out of the box, or just migrated to a pocket that you won’t open for another week…its an Advent model. Parents may have to help decipher tricky builds already, without then having to stickers to a significant portion of the parts used.

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