Using LEGO to show the inner workings of fear and anxiety

It might be an accurate statement to say that Jason Allemann is having the best month ever. First he was our keynote speaker at BrickCon, where he also designed the commemorative model that we featured here. And now he…or rather JK Brickworks, has completed a series with this model. Why the distinction? Jason is merely the “J” half of JK Brickworks. “K” stands for Kristal and she is the driving force behind this model that is the final part of a trio of sculptures that explore the human mind. The first model, which can be seen at The LEGO House in Billund, explores the mind of an artist. The second sculpture explores the mind of an engineer. This third sculpture, however, might be the most therapeutic for a lot of us. It delves deep and gives us a peek inside a tortured mind.

Inside the Tortured Mind

Without even opening the sculpture it has a darker hue than the first two, already indicating we’ll be treated to something a little more morose within. This one hinges open like the others but with a more jagged seam. Once opened fully we see a lonely black figure seated in a frightened position within a tumultuous red environment. A bony monster looms over his head and represents anxieties and fears that are all too present within a lot of us. If this seems a little too familiar, then know that you are not alone and it’s a bit refreshing to see someone sculpt these feelings in such an artful way.

This video features Jason and Kristal and helps explain the inner workings of the sculpture.

Jason was responsible for the engineering of this model; all the gears and so forth. Kristal governed the more conceptual and artistic aspects of this project. Together they make up the cohesive team of JK Brickworks. Now that this project is finally complete, we’ll be eager to see what else they dream up in the future.

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