The late 90s called, and Tony Hawk wants his video back

Skateboarding video games may have fallen out of favour since the heady years of Tony Hawk’s regular domination of the console charts. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fond memories of practising ollies and flips for hours on end, with sore thumbs our only risk versus real-life skater injuries like broken wrists and shattered elbows. It seems Nick Jensen also has a soft spot for skateboarding videogames as he’s put together a LEGO version of one of Pro Skater‘s key collectible items — the hidden VHS tape which featured in every level. The tape is nicely done, built to scale with a real VHS cassette (although how many of us still have one of them lying around to check the measurements?!) The light-up frame is perfect, a smart re-creation of the highlights around the tape in-game. Sweet building dude.

LEGO Skateboard Videogame

1 comment on “The late 90s called, and Tony Hawk wants his video back

  1. Håkan

    I’ve realized I even have a bunch of French SECAM cassettes lying around in an old effort to practice my French. Alas, they’re Black and White on my European PAL system, and my French isn’t good enough to understand them, so I have some separate culling to do in November…

    (My PAL system handles US NTSC fairly well, however …)

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