Tim dropped a Deuce and a Half

The M35A2 is a powerful military truck aptly nicknamed the “Deuce and a Half” for weighing in at two and a half tons. However Tim Inman’s rat-rodded version has shed some considerable weight. It’s been lowered, chopped, channeled, stretched and bobbed (removed second rear axle). The result is a mean rat-rod that loses its military function but retains its color and some of its prior identity. Maybe it’s more of a peace offering now?

M35A2 (Deuce and a Half) Rat Rod

But before you go thinking such silly ideas a rear view reveals a gas can, fifth wheel for towing and a skull taillight cluster letting any would-be peacenics know this ratted-out deuce still means serious business.

M35A2 (Deuce and a Half) Rat Rod

2 comments on “Tim dropped a Deuce and a Half

  1. Fenris

    I’ll have to correct you a little bit here Lino.
    All those 1⁄2-ton, 3⁄4-ton, 2½-ton and so forth; which later became the basis for nicknames for a lot of these old, usually military vehicles, is not referencing the weight of the vehicle itself, but their payload. As such a Deuce and a Half was rated, at least originally, to be able to carry 2½-ton.

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