Six LEGO sets from Disney’s Frozen II revealed [News]

Today we’re getting our first official look at the tie-in sets for Disney’s upcoming Frozen II. As the sequel to the incredibly popular 2013 animated movie, the new film will follow the further wintertime adventures of sisters Anna and Elsa and snowman Olaf and is slated for release Nov. 22 of this year. Six new sets based on the movie were revealed by toy retailer Kockarium, so we’ve got all the details below. There are four regular sets, and two in the 4+ line (which used to be known as Juniors). We don’t have USD prices, but we do know an approximate Euro price for each.

UPDATE | Sept. 11, 2019: The images contained within this article were sourced in good faith based upon their being made public by multiple toy retailers, including Kockarium. The LEGO Company has determined that these retailers should not have published the images, and have asked that the images be removed from The Brothers Brick as well. In furthering our good-faith efforts, we have removed the images. We will return the images to the article at a later date once they are made public again.

41164 Enchanted Tree House | 49.99€ | 302 pieces


41165 Anna’s Canoe | 19.99€ | 108 pieces

41166 Elsa and the Reindeer Carriage | 29.99€ | 116 pieces

41167 Arendelle Castle | 79.99€ | 521 pieces

41168 Elsa’s Jewellery Box | 39.99€ | 300 pieces

41169 Olaf | 14.99€ | 122 pieces

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  1. Håkan

    So these are prints and not stickers? Not too shabby sets, otherwise. I get some Elves vibes from the general design.

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