The next seasonal LEGO BrickHeadz set, 40352 Scarecrow is revealed [News]

The chubby Halloween LEGO BrickHeadz 40351 Ghost is joined by another excellent fall character, 40352 Scarecrow. The build shall include about 140 pieces and become available September 1, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Unlike the spooky ghost accompanied by a jack o’ lantern and a spider, the scarecrow doesn’t look fearful at all. Although it will fit just perfectly in a Halloween-themed display, the scarecrow’s garden looks quite cute.

Fun fact: while the back of the 40352 set’s box promotes the Ghost set once again, the back of the 40351 set has just 2 pictures of the ghost. Probably this is done to avoid spoiling the yet-to-be-revealed sets too early.