Voyaging across great incomprehensible nothingness alone

Their similar goals of provoking thought in the beholder is why science fiction and abstract art often go hand in hand, and this applies to LEGO as well as other media. The freedom to create something new also makes it easier to send a new message. Ralf Langer has taken this freedom to create a mysterious scene of a discovery on an alien planet. What lies beyond the door? Is it a symbol of creation of new life or the inevitable change in an already existing one?

Into the Unknow

No matter the meaning, the creation is impressive in a completely technical view as well. To less experienced builders it may seem like a few simple surfaces broken up by random and inherently meaningless technical textures we like to call “greebling”, but there is much more to it. Ralf is a master of textures as he proves here with grids of minifig stud shooter triggers. The main point of this build is composition though. Ralf has joined seemingly simple parts into something that looks full, but not cluttered. My personal favourite part is the mysterious gate, with a unique texture made using LEGO treads.

6 comments on “Voyaging across great incomprehensible nothingness alone

  1. Simon Hildebrandt

    Surprised (and disappointed) y’all went there. I thought this was a family and/or work friendly site, but clearly I assumed wrong.

  2. killswitch95

    This is neither the first, nor last time an artist will create a piece of art in which one can identify it with the female form…

    This is however the first time I have personally seen where a person has physically represented their argument for a: ‘Yo momma so old she…’ competition…

    And I think it’s brilliant…

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