LEGO Hidden Side Augmented Reality Theme sets revealed [News]

Earlier in February LEGO announced the new augmented reality themes as Hidden Side to help bridge physical and digital play. We also had our first in-person look at it at the New York Toy Fair. Today, 7 of the 8 Hidden Side set details were revealed. These are slated to be released on August 1st.

LEGO 70418 Hidden Side – Lab | 174 pieces | 19.99 US | 19.99 EUR

LEGO 70419 Hidden Side – Boat | 310 pieces | 24.99 UK | 29.99 US | 29.99 EUR

LEGO 70420 Hidden Side – Graveyard | 335 pieces | 24.99 UK | 29.99 US | 29.99 EUR

LEGO 70421 Hidden Side – Truck | 428 pieces | 34.99 UK  | 39.99 US | 39.99 EUR

LEGO 70423 Hidden Side – Bus | 689 pieces | 54.99 UK | 59.99 US | 59.99 EUR

LEGO 70424 Hidden Side – Train | 698 pieces | 69.99 UK | 89.99 US | 79.99 EUR

LEGO 70424 Hidden Side – High School | 1,474 pieces | 109.99 UK | $129.99 US | 119.99 EUR

10 comments on “LEGO Hidden Side Augmented Reality Theme sets revealed [News]

  1. Tupperfan

    Well, pseudo-cool kids looking way too excited playing with Lego didn’t change much since the 90’s…

  2. Andrew Barnick

    @Tupperfan I think they do at least seem to look a bit more diverse than they used to be (a lot of the ads I remember featured mostly blond-haired Danish kids).

  3. William F Heath

    Should have just revived the Monster Fighters line… not made something that looks like they mashed Monster Fighters and the Lego Movie

  4. Ron

    I don’t like stuff, which animtes kids to use their mobile devices while playing! Firstly kids should own mobile devices or have unsupervised access to them. Secondly, if they do, at least for playing they should put those brain purgers away. I know, LEGO is desperately trying to get into the virtual realm… but I think in the long run, it might be a strength to offer something more tangible to play with to children opposed to virtual reality stuff, such as social media, the Internet, gaming, etc.

  5. Håkan


    Well, at least these sets are pretty tangible even without devices. They’re still decent models.

  6. Ron


    Yes you’re right about that. LEGOs are a great thing for the development of children. But I still believe – even if everyone thinks I’m crazy – that children shouldn’t have access to any smart devices. I guess 14 or 16 is the age I will allow mine to have one, but only if they take up a side job in their spare time to pay for all costs.

  7. BB Shockwave

    This reminds me of that similar, haphazardly thrown together theme with Time Travel from the late nineties, I think… sets looked like some kid built them in an hour. The whole augmented reality thing… just why. Legos are not good enough for kids nowadays by themselves?

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