A bit of the southwest with a charming LEGO adobe home

TBB alumn Nannan Zhang wanted to do something different from not only his usual fantasy stylings, but also unique from most LEGO architectural models. That led him to try his hand at this modern adobe home, inspired by a mix of streamline art deco and the southwestern United States. The home’s smoothly plastered walls and curved lines may look simple, but don’t be fooled because this takes some real skill.

Coming Home to Santa Fe

The back looks just as good as Nannan utilizes a wide variety of curved elements to mold the tan trim lines around the windows and make the iconic rounded wall corners. There’s plenty of great details to take in, too. My personal favorite is the chile ristras which hang next to the doors. They’re instantly recognizable, and something I’ve never seen done with LEGO before. The potted cacti made with green gears are just perfect, too.


3 comments on “A bit of the southwest with a charming LEGO adobe home

  1. Erika S

    Would love to know how he did the hummingbird feeder – can’t tell how the yellow flower tiles are held in there. Great model!

  2. Purple Dave

    The hummingbird feeder appears to have a 2×2 round tile with stud, hung upside-down on a bar, and the flowers are just wedged into the stud notches.


    Here’s a much better shot of it. Based on what parts exist, and what I can see, it appears to go (top to bottom) 1×1 round plate, 2×2 radar dish, minifig head, lightsaber blade (unsure if it’s 4L or 3L), 1×1 round plate w/ hollow stud, something I can’t see, 2×2 round plate w/ stud, 1×1 round plate (possibly with hollow stud). The part I can’t see is almost certainly a 1×1 round plate w/ hollow stud, but being unable to see it I can’t tell what the orientation is. Chances are, one way will work a lot better than the other at holding the flower plates in place, and that’s probably how it’s built.

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