Holey moly this is one cool sports shop!

Welcome to a sporting goods store that sells itself before you even walk in! The look is inspired by a real store in Japan, but in LEGO it can’t be more gorgeous. What’s even better is that this render, created by Aukbricks, is actually completely buildable, with all the parts existing in their appropriate colors.

Sporting Goods Store

But if the outside isn’t beautiful enough, the inside is incredible. The zoom-worthy photos will make you fall in love even more. Every detail is perfectly placed, and essentially covers every bit of minifigure sports equipment LEGO has ever made. Even the brick-built equipment is perfect, from the treadmill to the ping-pong table. And I’m a big fan of the frogs used to create a rock wall on the third floor.

Sporting Goods Store

If you love this you should also check out Aukbricks’ Friends kitchen and family house. And for something totally different, she even made a giant minifigure!

8 comments on “Holey moly this is one cool sports shop!

  1. Emma

    Hi! I totally agree, all of Aukbricks work is just amazing. Just one detail, Aukbricks is a woman. So maybe you could correct that. ????

  2. Bre Burns Post author

    My wholehearted apology on missing the proper pronoun, Aukbricks! As a female builder myself, I should have caught that. We’ll fix it asap.


  3. sigvicious

    FYI, Einhorn’s a man!

    In all seriousness though, the interior work is great as well. The designers for the Grand Emporium should be embarrassed…

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