Emmet’s back in business

Are you ready for The LEGO Movie 2? We know builder yu chris is, because he’s already built an amazing spaceship for Emmet, and has captured the spirit of the master builder perfectly. Seriously, if someone had told me this model were actually the main spaceship in the movie, I’d believe it. It’s made of five smaller ships from their own themes which come together to form the letter E.

Emmet Super spaceship

The smaller ships are, clockwise from the left, Metalbeard’s Seacow 2.0, Emmet’s Construction Ship, Unikitty & Lucy’s Aircraft, Benny’s Spaceship, and Batman’s Batwing. Each ship is invested with its pilot’s aesthetic, but can pull together like Voltron and form a super ship to fight the powers of Duplo. Side note: check out that awesome backdrop.

Emmet Super spaceship

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  1. Purple Dave

    I like the idea of the mini-Batwing, and have been thinking about doing something similar for the Speedwagon just to get it down to a more manageable size that will fit in our LUG layouts.

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