Revisiting a classic castle on New Year’s Eve

Ringing in the New Year is all about reflecting on the past and looking toward the future. John Tooker has accomplished both with his modern take on the classic LEGOLAND yellow castle (set 375), originally released in 1978. John’s model is not an exact replica, as it features some different windows and does not swing open like the original set. However, it possesses the basic form and enough key features to make it immediately recognizable. The castle looks wonderful in tan, which was not officially available back in 1978. However, it’s an appropriate choice, given that the LEGO Group’s official name for the color is “brick yellow.” John also makes good use of darker colors with landscaping, including olive green vines climbing the castle wall. The period-correct castle minifigures and brick-built horse look right at home in their new abode!

LEGOLAND Castle Revisited

1 comment on “Revisiting a classic castle on New Year’s Eve

  1. Purple Dave

    I always found it odd that people griefed the Yellow Castle so much for being such an “unnatural” color for a castle, considering how few of the world’s castles are any shade of grey. White’s pretty common as are shades of tan, pink, and probably black. Grey _does_ exist, but you quarry the stone that’s local in most cases.

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