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Majisto’s Tower updated in majestic style

Hot on the heels of the last classic 1990s LEGO Castle revamp we featured, comes John Tooker with this mega re-imagining of 1906 Majisto’s Tower. Released only in North America, the original set featured just 195 pieces. John has used a little more than that to recreate some of the set’s key features in stunning detail! The printed dragon motifs are now brick-built from gold bricks and look great. The brickwork has been given a similar treatment. This might be my favourite bit, as it’s done so well that the original printed wall pieces can be used and blend in seamlessly with the new techniques. These aren’t the only pieces to be re-used, though. The flag, horse’s cowl, and the cart wings all carry over some of the set’s charm without appearing out of place. Same goes for the minifigures. Now that’s some wizardry Majisto would be proud of!

Majisto's Tower Reimagined

Majisto must have brewed a shrinking potion.

The microscale throwbacks just keep coming. This time, John Tooker has created a miniature version of set 6048 Majisto’s Magical Workshop. John has captured all the details I remember from childhood – the ladder leading upstairs, the pot brewing something over the fire, and he’s even included a tiny Majisto and a Dragon Knight. It’s abra-kadorable.

Majisto's Magical Micro Workshop

Revisiting a classic castle on New Year’s Eve

Ringing in the New Year is all about reflecting on the past and looking toward the future. John Tooker has accomplished both with his modern take on the classic LEGOLAND yellow castle (set 375), originally released in 1978. John’s model is not an exact replica, as it features some different windows and does not swing open like the original set. However, it possesses the basic form and enough key features to make it immediately recognizable. The castle looks wonderful in tan, which was not officially available back in 1978. However, it’s an appropriate choice, given that the LEGO Group’s official name for the color is “brick yellow.” John also makes good use of darker colors with landscaping, including olive green vines climbing the castle wall. The period-correct castle minifigures and brick-built horse look right at home in their new abode!

LEGOLAND Castle Revisited

Where the mountains meet the sea

A medieval town, nestling between the foot of the mountains and the shores of the sea — that’s the setting of John Tooker‘s latest LEGO creation. There’s a wealth of detail on display for a microscale model. The crenellations on the central keep are a nice touch, the rockwork is well done, and those tiny ships are lovely. I particularly like the autumnal shades amongst the foliage, and the tiny offsets on the green tiles creating the angled line between greenery and the beach. It’s the touches like that which elevate the best microscale modelling.

Castle Town of Alnor