Incredible LEGO Star Wars Death Star trench run hides a full interior packed with hilarious scenes

There have been some pretty spectacular LEGO versions of Star Wars’ iconic trench run over the years, setting the bar pretty high for anyone taking on the theme. Pro building group Olive Seon have risen to the challenge, deploying intricate details worthy of the original Industrial Light and Magic model. Its nifty laser towers and exploded Y-wing fighter demonstrating some serious building talent, and a hefty upgrade from their first version, which we covered back in 2015.

The surprises don’t end here: rotate the diorama to reveal a complete Death Star interior. Each of the space station’s rooms acting as individual vignettes, from a scene showing Obi Wan’s deactivation of the tractor beam to a battalion of stormtroopers caught mid-explosion. There is plenty of humour here too: ever wanted to see the battle station’s locker room? Well now you can. My favourite feature though is the hilariously over-sized BrickHeadz Stormtrooper herding his droids.

The model is fully lit, as this photo from the builders’ studio shows.

The back is lit as well, with impressive tractor beam controls that almost look close enough to fit into the movie.

There are classrooms for Imperial cadets, though the teaching might be questionable.

And speaking of questionable, there’s no telling what Stormtroopers get up to in the side corridors.

Vader’s chambers are well outfitted with a magnificently lit meditation chamber.

R2-D2 and C-3P0 are up to no good, as usual, having apparently raided the larder while Luke wasn’t looking.

Looks like the Imperials have had a bit of success with tracking down Rebels, though, as they have a packed detention floor for prisoners needing even more security than Leia.

And if you weren’t convinced just how massive this model is yet, check out this image of the creators working on it.

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