Massive LEGO Star Wars Trench Run diorama

“Almost there … almost there…”
This sweet diorama of the infamous Death Star run (famously modelled after WWII dogfighting movies) has loads of detail, as we’ve come to expect from Korean professional building team OliveSeon.

This magnificent build looks amazing from all angles just like it does from the various scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Thrown in to mimic the special effects are the bright green laser blasts represented by the Spring Shooter Elements fired at the X-Wings in pursuit.

With the huge scale, it’s almost easy to miss the microscale dogfights going on in the background.

The greebling alone is mind-boggling. While some may say its just random parts. I say it’s actually knowing where to put the right elements and make it impressive and a keen eye for abstract art skills are required.