10264 Corner Garage revealed as 2019 LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building [News]

LEGO has revealed the latest entry in their popular Creator Expert Modular Building series, the 10264 Corner Garage. The three-story building is a 1950s-style car workshop and gas station along with an animal clinic and top-floor apartment.

The set comes with 2,569 pieces including six minifigures, five animals, a tow-truck and a scooter.  The Corner Garage will retail for $199.99 USD from LEGO when it goes on sale January 1, 2019.

UPDATE: Read our hands-on review of 10264 Corner Garage.

10264 Corner Garage follows in the footsteps of 10260 Downtown Diner with more modernized architecture from the 1950s. The set will be LEGO’s 14th entry in the Modular Building series and the third-largest ever created.

The exterior of the building features a classic facade created with dark orange bricks, a fairly rare color that has not been seen in a modular building since 10224 Town Hall was released in 2012. The pull-up gas station functions as an inverted corner, adding some variety to the traditional footprints of other modular buildings.

The first floor features “Jo’s Garage” with the tagline “By Accident We Meet.” The garage comes with a gas station with a fuel pump, window wipers, kiosk and a vehicle workshop. The workshop features a roll-up door for car service and repairs, a blue tow truck, cash register, tool rack and trolley, oil drum, tire mounter and a working vehicle lift. The first floor also has an ornate staircase entryway to the second floor office.

The second floor is “Dr. Jones Animal Care” clinic, though according to the sign, Dr. Jones doesn’t like snakes (just like another famous Dr. Jones named Indiana.). Inside the animal clinic we find an examination table, a fish tank (though take a close look–that fish might not be feeling too well) and a waiting area with a sofa, armchair, wall posters, table and flowerpot. The veterinarian’s office sports a desk lamp, microscope, scissors and a syringe.

The third floor is an apartment with all the furnishings anyone would ever need. The near-bachelor pad comes with a full kitchen including cookies baking in the oven, an old-fashioned TV, a record album and a model truck, plus a sofa and bed. The apartment also has a bathroom and toilet as well as stairs to the rooftop terrace. (This feels like writing a real estate listing!)

The rooftop terrace features a decorative roof-line, lounge chair, umbrella and a small flower garden.

The Corner Garage comes with six minifigures: a veterinarian, a girl in a pink shirt and ponytail, a man in a knit sweater, the gas station owner and a mechanic both in blue work clothes, and woman with a dark red motorcycle jacket, a scooter and helmet.

The set also comes with a menagerie of animals including a bunny, dog, parrot, fish and frog.

Of the printed pieces that come in the new modular building, three stand out including signage for the garage and animal clinic as well as a circular old-school style Octan Gas sign (likely to be quite desirable by LEGO city builders and collectors).

The Corner Garage will also include at least one new LEGO “SNOT” element, a 2×2 tile with a perpendicular 1×2 plate curiously jutting out the middle–a piece that will likely introduce many new building techniques. Another 2×2 tile has a raised circle which looks to be some form of newer turntable. A full photo gallery of new and interesting elements that come with the set is included at the end of this article.

Measuring more than a foot tall (32cm), the Corner Garage looks like it will fit right at home height-wise with its other modular building siblings. The set offers a price-per-piece ratio coming in at $199.99 for 2,569 pieces which nets out to less than eight cents a piece.

Along with 10264 Corner Garage, there will potentially be six Modular Buildings for sale from LEGO stores simultaneously, including 10260 Downtown Diner10255 Assembly Square10251 Brick Bank10246 Detective’s Office and 10243 Parisian Restaurant (signalling that one or more will likely be retiring soon).

The Corner Garage will be available for purchase starting January 1st (with no early access for LEGO VIPs). The full press release from LEGO as well as an expanded photo gallery are included below.

LEGO 10264 Corner Garage
Ages 16+. 2,569 pieces

US $199.99CA $269.99 – DE 179.99€ – UK £159.99 – FR 189.99€ – DK 1,499DKK – AU 299.99

Discover surprises on all levels at the Corner Garage!

Drop by the LEGO Creator Expert 10264 Corner Garage, where you’ll discover a world of fun and surprises! This amazing model comes with removable building sections for easy access to the highly detailed interior and comprises 3 stories. On the ground level there’s a 1950s-style gas station with fuel pump, kiosk and a vehicle workshop complete with a roll-up door, vehicle lift and tire mounter. At the mid-level animal clinic you’ll find an examination table, fish tank, and a waiting area with sofa, while on the upper level you’ll discover a well-equipped apartment with kitchen, TV, sofa, bed and a staircase that leads to a rooftop terrace with sun lounger, parasol and flower garden. The exterior of the building features a classic 1950s facade with signage, detailed windows and a decorative roofline, plus a sidewalk area with a tree and an ornate streetlamp. This charming addition to the Modular Buildings series has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience, full of nostalgia. Also includes a scooter, tow truck and 6 minifigures, plus parrot, bunny, dog, frog and fish figures.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: gas station owner, mechanic, vet, woman, man and a girl, plus bunny, parrot, dog, frog and fish figures.
  • The 3-level Corner Garage advanced building set comes with an array of brick-built details, including a detailed 1950s-style facade with gas station signage, windows, bay windows, arched doorway, roll-up vehicle workshop door, decorative roofline and a rooftop terrace, plus a detailed sidewalk area with tree and ornate streetlamp. This set also includes a tow truck and a scooter.
  • Ground level features a gas station with a bucket and a fuel pump with a flexible hose, plus a kiosk and a vehicle workshop for car service and repairs, featuring a cash register, tool rack and trolley, oil drum, tire mounter and working vehicle lift.
  • Mid-level animal clinic features an examination table, parrot perch, fish tank and a waiting area with sofa, armchair, table and flowerpot, plus the animal doctor’s desk lamp, microscope, mug, newspaper, envelope, scissors and syringe.
  • Upper-level apartment features a well-equipped kitchen with cookies baking in the oven, sink, pan, mug, salt and pepper, spoon and spatula, plus a sofa, bed, an old-fashioned TV, and a bathroom with toilet.
  • Rooftop terrace features a sun lounger, parasol and flower garden.
  • Tow truck features a working hoist.
  • Accessory elements include a window squeegee and a crash helmet.
  • Help the gas station assistant fill up the 1950s-style scooter.
  • Roll up the door to access Jo’s vehicle workshop, complete with tire mounter and working vehicle lift.
  • Remove the modular building sections to access the detailed interior.
  • New-for-January-2019 decorated elements include an animal clinic window, service station sign and a printed octane gas pump.
  • Special elements include new-for-January-2019 black ice skates, 2x6x2 window in sand blue, 1×1 medium gray roof tiles, 1×1 angle plate in dark blue and rare dark-orange elements in various shapes and sizes.
  • Collect and build an entire town with the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10255 Assembly Square and 10260 Downtown Diner.
  • This set includes over 2,560 pieces.
  • Measures over 12” (32cm) high, 10” (26cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep.
  • Tow truck measures over 2” (6cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.

Available directly from LEGO Stores & shop.LEGO.com starting January 1, 2019.

21 comments on “10264 Corner Garage revealed as 2019 LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building [News]

  1. Legoinsel

    I’m quite disappointed about the higher price for what looks and feels like less interior but the mistake I really can’t accept is the sand baseplate. Why didn’t they use a grey one? Which garages ground is not grey? This feels so wrong and lazy :(

  2. R

    The Parisian Restaurant and the Detective’s Office are both being discontinued, I’m surprised that you all didn’t know that already. As far as the Corner Garage goes, I’m still on the fence with this one but I’m sure that I’ll probably be getting this one as well.

    @Legoinsel, are you seriously complaining about a baseplate that you’ll never see after it’s built? Just maybe Lego didn’t use a grey one because it’s too big for the set as all the rest are 32×32 stud baseplates. I wonder if you even have any of the modular collection.

  3. Matt

    What a disappointment after waiting an entire year for Lego to redeem themselves. I guess this is the new direction for the modular series. So many things wrong with this:
    – continued 50s theme. Please go back to pre-war architecture!!
    – a vet above a gas station? And an apartment? Makes no sense at all
    -reduced building footprint and increased price. Over half the baseplate is pavement or grass!
    -how does the street link up to other modulars?
    -seriously, we waited a year for this?
    -they discontinued two sets at once for the first time, brick bank amd detectives office. Really hope this means they will release two modulars this year. Although based on this and the diner i may give up and turn to MOCs

  4. Joe A. Hull

    @R – I (as well as everyone on reddit) was under the impression it’s the Brick Bank and not the Parisian.

  5. Snap Attack

    Wow 200 dallors just cause lego is in a Little bit of a rough patch doesnt mean they have to pass it down to the loyal customers.

  6. Berend Jan

    Hey, when did the minifigs get more facial features? The expert houses we own have the standard smiling minifig heads.

  7. sigvicious

    They should design a similar version of that tow truck to accompany next year’s winter village sets. Fits in perfectly, and has a far better design than this year’s fire truck. At least this vehicle has doors.

  8. Joe A. Hull

    @snap attack – 8 cents a piece isn’t too bad…
    @berend jan – I believe last year’s Diner was the first modular to have “advanced” faces.

  9. Matt

    Price per piece is fairly meaningless. It’s already been demonstrated that weight is the main factor in pricing.
    Just to recap, this set is a big disappointment no matter how much it costs per unit of measure.

  10. Jessy S

    Snap Attack, much of the price increase is due to the new elements in the set. Realize that every mold costs LEGO Thousands of dollars.

  11. R

    @Joe A Hull, I was informed by Lego employees that both sets are being retired. The Parisian Restaurant has been around longer than the Brick Bank.

    @Everyone here that is preoccupied with price per piece,

    To understand price points for Lego sets one must first understand the prices that Lego sells these sets to retailers for. For example, Lego sells all unlicensed sets to places like Walmart, Target, etc. for 40% less than what they sell to consumers for. Licensed sets are distributed for 30% less. So if a set is $100 from Lego directly, then they’re letting that same set go to Walmart for $60 (or $70 for licensed sets) and are still able to extract a reasonable profit. This is how retailers are able to undercut Lego’s own prices. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, by cutting out the middleman Lego charges consumers more than if they go to a secondary retailer. So saying that a set only costs $.08 a piece is actually a gigantic ripoff when they are really worth less that 60% (or $.048) of that. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some Lego hating troll that likes to pick fights. I love Lego and have spent thousands of dollars on my hobby, but one needs to understand the reality behind things to be able to judge the worthiness of a product.

    In closing, I feel that if you are looking at Lego sets strictly dependent of cost per piece then I fear that you’re missing the whole point of Lego in general. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  12. Snap Attack

    All I’m saying is all the modulars before this set have about the same number of pieces and the cost on average 150. So what if theres a new piece . The base plate is even sand color why not dark grey like ninjago city witch by the way is 300 dallors and has about 4500 pieces .

  13. R

    I stand corrected, apparently the Parisian Restaurant does indeed live on. It would seem that my source was incorrect in this case. The Brick Bank will be discontinued along with the Detectives Office. I’m curious as to why though, all I can think of is just sales numbers. Which is a shame because the Brick Bank is a pretty solid build albeit tedious at times due to some of the intricacies. The Parisian Restaurant isn’t bad by any means, but I would think that the Brick Bank works better with the direction that Lego seems to be taking with Creator series. It’s more of a timeless bank design that could fit in with any post war time period.

  14. R

    @Snap Attack, I fully agree with what you are saying. I don’t understand the jacked up price, especially when Assembly Square costs only $80 more for 4002 pieces. Perhaps Lego is testing the waters with new price points to see if people will still pay it. But I digress, I have become that which I condemn in discussing price per piece. I hope you have a great evening.

  15. Steve

    Hideous modular so disappointed. I’ll be skipping this one as it just doesn’t look right and the interior is boring. Lego are not going to be selling many of these, it’s got no style and looks like someone knocked it up quickly after realising they had forgot about the modular range. Noticed there didn’t seem to be any official Lego launch video yet which says a lot.

  16. Legoinsel

    hey R, I’m complaining about the baseplate because if you take off the level above you can clearly see the ground being beige and not grey. In my eyes this just feels lazy because they used grey plates in this size in several sets including ninjago city and parisian restaurant. I wonder if you even have any of the modular collection.

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