Conducting research on modular science

Everybody loves modular buildings! Whether it is original sets or fan creations, modulars just seem to connect with people, Łukasz Libuszewski included, judging by his recent build called Victor’s Lab. The building is made in a Victorian style that fits well with many official LEGO modular sets like the Parisian Restaurant 10243 on the right side and Łukasz’s older original creation on the — Old Town Pub.

Victor's Lab

I love the little “LODDI” logo above the door of a clothes shop and the angled wall in the corner, nicely finished off by slopes around the door. Elegant is the keyword here, with window ornaments and a steeply sloped roof that screams “classy!” If you want to see just how good Łukasz is, check out the concept art (which is beautiful in its own right) after which Victor’s Lab is modeled.