Lego Parisian Restaurant 10243 [Review]

Lego Parisian Restaurant is latest modular building released this January. It contains 2,448 pieces and retails for $159.99. Below is a video review of why you should buy this set and possibly hold on to an extra copy of it in the years to come.


  • High number and variety of parts for the price
  • Several useful building techniques
  • Excellent for display
  • Has the most reliable investment value for collecting


  • No discounts will be available for this set because it is a Lego Exclusive with a set number containing 10xxx.

The modular building series is one of the best lines for adult fans. It appeals to the builder, the collector, and those looking for a gorgeous filler on a shelf. There are already many review of this popular set within a click on Google that shows the technical and aesthetic aspects of the build. Instead I’ll take a moment to point out that the modular buildings are the best sets to invest as a collector or someone who would like some extra cash down the road to buy more Lego with.

Right now, if you want to buy a brand new copy of the first set of the modular building series, Cafe Corner, you won’t find it anywhere for less than $1,000. The second in the series, Green Grocer, is currently selling for prices close to $800. While most Lego exclusives containing 10xxx in their set number are good sets to invest due to their appeal to adult fans, the modular buildings are the most reliable because they are part of an ongoing series. As long as Lego continues to produce modular buildings, there will be increasing demand for earlier releases to expand the city. Even if more people catch on and hold on to these sets for resale later, it’s still a good idea as long as LEGO remains a growing hobby among adults.

The next set to retire among the modulars is Grand Emporium. While there is no fixed discontinuation date on sets, judging by the time that Fire Brigade went out of stock during the holidays last year, it’s a good estimate to say the same may happen for Grand Emporium this year. Within 6 months of Fire Brigade’s retirement, it’s price on Bricklink has already gone up by $100 over MSRP. I will be waiting until the fall of this year to buy Grand Emporium during promotions such as double VIP points.

I hope you found this tip on collecting to be useful or interesting, and once you get the ball rolling, you’ll have a hobby that completely funds itself.

6 comments on “Lego Parisian Restaurant 10243 [Review]

  1. jimmythefly

    Can you confirm that those sets (Cafe Corner and Green Grocer) are actually selling at those prices? A search of eBay completed auctions was inconclusive.

    I’m just curious, not a collector this way myself, but in other hobbies there can at times be quite a difference between the advertised price and what amount things are actually changing hands for.

  2. Fred

    Yep.. Amazon lists them that high as well. I’ve been buying 2-3 more of these sets and forgetting them in a closet. It’s my new retirement savings plan

  3. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    The second set in the modular series was actually “10190 Market Street”, designed by the late Eric Brok. It deems a high collector’s price as well.

  4. Mnemonyx

    Hmmm seems an ideal way to combine two favourite pasttimes – LEGO and accumulating wealth!
    It also occurs to me that appreciating value on LEGO sets would easily fly under the Internal Review radar…

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