Build your own LEGO Jehuty from Zone of the Enders [Instructions]

Prominent video game-inspired LEGO builder Marius Herrmann from Germany is back with another remarkable brick bot, this time in collaboration with developer/publisher Konami. Say hello to Jehuty, a mechanical Orbital Frame suit piloted by the protagonists of the Zone of the Enders video game saga.

Jehuty (from "Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner")

There is an amazing amount of articulation to be found across multiple joints and accessories. Newer parts like the bar w/ round plate hollow stud make an appearance in the wingtips and hands, and some larger, sleek “constraction” pieces in key positions on the arms and inner thighs provide a nice contrast to the more piece-intensive torso and limbs.

For comparison, here’s some art of the original Jehuty:

This model comes with the added bonus of instructions and a parts list and you can see a timelapse video of the build as well!