The perfect recipe for a delicious LEGO bakery

Markus Rollbühler whipped up some wholesome LEGO goodness in the form of this fabulous classic bakery. Markus put a lot of thought into the ingredients that went into his build, with an excellent use of parts throughout the model. Both parts of the LEGO treasure chest are used to form portions of wooden beams, book binding elements are used to form windowsills, and the sprue from the new minifig wand accessory is cleverly used to form the body of a candelabra. Keeping up with the bakery theme, Markus even managed to use pretzels for windows and the honey-laced beehive to form the top of the conical shaped roof. There are plenty of other awesome details to spot. What are some of your favorite techniques on display here?

Filia's Bakery

3 comments on “The perfect recipe for a delicious LEGO bakery

  1. Eugene

    Perhaps this is unkind. I feel that the build is somehow less than the sum of its very clever building techniques. Not sure why.

  2. Frank

    Eugene: perhaps because you are an uncreative putz who compensates for their failings by criticizing people who actually do things?

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