Everyone’s favorite heckling duo: Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show

Of all the beloved Muppet Show characters, Statler and Waldorf are certainly near the top of my list. I would venture to guess that these cantankerous hecklers are a huge favorite for many people. That must definitely be the case for one superb builder, Alex de Jong, who recreated this iconic duo in spectacular LEGO fashion. 5 months of work over 2.5 years went into this build!

We are incredibly impressed by the level of dedication! At over 10,000 pieces, this build is packed with attention to detail, and brings back a ton of nostalgia for these famous characters. Fortunately for us, Alex did a great job of documenting his creative process. He started with Waldorf and used some fun techniques to shape his face. The recreation of Statler also has a remarkable resemblance to the original. Together, they are easily recognizable as the iconic pair.


Alex loves to constantly alter their poses during conventions, all the way down to their hands.


In addition to the characters, Alex also built their full theater balcony. Of course, how could they be without it? Excellent pearl gold accents were carefully placed to make the design as close to the original as possible. The balcony fixtures even light up.


One of my favorite parts is actually the chairs. I think the finished product looks really fantastic. There are 1022 1×1 pearl gold plates in the build, and many of them are in these chairs, as well as the curtains. Incredibly, Alex has even made purchasable instructions of this creation!


Overall, a wonderful build of some truly beloved, classic characters. Their unruly, jovial nature really shines through in the posable recreations. And if you don’t know who they are, I definitely recommend looking them up. Their timeless bad jokes are sure to bring a little smile to your face.


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  1. Purple Dave

    I remember being somewhat apathetic about these guys way back when The Muppet Show was on, but maybe ten years ago they had a podcast set up where they’d review current or maybe recent movies, and it was hilarious. I miss it, and wish they’d bring it back. Maybe have them exclusively review Disney Wars and Marvel movies…



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