A day at the office with Bob the Alien

This is Bob the Alien. Bob the Alien is a salesman. He manages a whole department. Bob works for his manager David Liu. David taught Bob everything he knows and helped him to be where he is today. In fact, one could say Bob only exists today because of David.

Alien in Office

Bob the Alien hates Mondays. Mondays are when he’s stuck at his desk doing paperwork. He would rather be outdoors meeting clients and delivering them his bestseller product, the LV-426 catalytic converters.

Alien in Office

There are times when Bob forgets some of his appointments. He’s pretty sure his neighbouring desk buddy, Peter messes with his calendar. The strange thing is Bob has never met Peter ever since he joined the firm, but he could always feel the presence of Peter the Predator.

Alien in Office

This is Bob when he closes a deal. It must be a big win today. It pays the rent and it helps with the damage Bob has to constantly fix around his home. His home tends to be damaged quite easily when Bob injures himself.

Alien in Office

This is Bob on a Friday. He’s pretty much tired and run down and can’t wait to embrace the weekend. We all feel like Bob on Fridays.

Alien in Office

He looks very much happier on the weekends. Bob is also a builder. And he’s always happy when he has his head buried in his computer, enjoying his favourite LEGO website, The Brothers Brick. We think Bob is a cool guy (..errrm, Alien). Be like Bob.

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  1. Håkan

    Has the poor xenomorph been forced to remove his tail and back spines for the job? The horrors of modern office environment!

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