Massive LEGO City 60200 Capital set revealed [News]

Pictures of the next massive LEGO City play set — 60200 Capital — have just arrived on Amazon UK. The set includes three buildings, 6 vehicles, a playground and 12 minifigures. So far we have no details on the price of the set and its release date, but it is safe to say that the set will be available this Summer.

LEGO CITY 60200 Capital being the size of several regular CITY sets will be the next in the line of 60026 Town Square and 60097 City Square, but this is the first time a hotel and a double-decker will appear in the LEGO City.

5 comments on “Massive LEGO City 60200 Capital set revealed [News]

  1. morgan19

    The box art looks great. Then you see all the disparate submodels in the “actual” shot. Think how amazing this would be with an actual T-road baseplate and straight road plates on each side…

  2. Andrew

    I donno. I’m pretty excited about a new caveman in that museum module. Seems like LEGO these days is pandering directly to my personal paleolithic proclivities!

  3. Ed P.

    So one good sized building, a ”museum” and a food stand…. with a bunch of vehicles. Blah. Vehicles are a dime a dozen. Give me buildings and base plates!

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