Chulkaa Spinebeast

There are some people out there that give Bionicle a bad rep. To be honest, I used to be one of them. But as soon as I started looking into some of the things that can be done with those parts, I was completely amazed. Bionicle is able to help accomplish things that System bricks simply can’t achieve on a small scale, such as lifelike body lines. One builder, Djokson, is an expert at these lines. His latest creation, the “Chulkaa Spinebeast” is a phenomenal example of bringing LEGO to life.

The Chulkaa Spinebeast

The body shape really gives the impression that this guy is about to pounce. But this build is not without regular System pieces! Two of my favorite parts, the eyes and the feet, demonstrate a great fusion of these elements. This is a truly beautiful use of parts that brings our imagination to life. The symbiotic relationship between them makes for an incredibly visually appealing creation.

3 comments on “Chulkaa Spinebeast

  1. Disty

    Whenever TBB posts a Bionicle creation, they almost always feel the need to qualify it by trotting out the same old ‘we know not everyone likes Bionicle’ line.

    1) It’s all Lego, kids
    2) Who cares about the people who don’t like Bionicle? They won’t be interested in this build and that’s fine. Do you feel the need to explain yourselves every time you post a Star Wars creation?

  2. Bre Burns Post author


    Thanks for your comment! I apologize for the frustration.

    I’m actually a brand new contributor to The Brothers Brick, so I’m writing from the perspective of someone who hasn’t really been exposed to it before. My comments were not an attempt to qualify the build or apologize for writing about it. Instead I was trying to pay respect to something that I didn’t even realize could be so amazing. I was admitting my own ignorance.

    We write articles about any build we find phenomenal. We don’t post about Bionicle because we’re only trying to be inclusive, but rather because it certainly is incredible what people can do with it. Perhaps some of our articles have these comments because we want everyone who may share the same folly to see how wonderful Bionicle really is.

    I certainly didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else who builds with Bionicle. In fact, you have inspired me to try to use it more in my own creations. I really appreciate your comments, and I will take them to heart in my future articles.

    Thanks again,

  3. logeybear

    “Bionicle is able to help accomplish things that System bricks simply can’t achieve on a small scale, such as lifelike body lines.”

    True, but this moc uses barely any traditional BIONICLE elements. I think the correct term here is large scale CCBS elements in conjunction with small scale minifigure elements like levers, pinchers, and horns for the face. Djokson knows the vast majority of BIONICLE elements are impractical so he rarely uses them, and I don’t blame him, they are very troublesome to work with. CCBS is less troublesome and easier to match with traditional System.

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