Amazing minifigure-scale Star Wars T-47 Snowspeeder [Instructions]

Builder Quy Chau has done an outstanding job on designing a properly scaled a minifig scale T-47 Airspeeder that puts LEGO’s official models to shame. The best part is that he’s created instructions, making this a great piece for display or even incorporating into a large diorama if you intend to build a scene from Hoth.

T-47 airspeeder | front

T-47 airspeeder | back

Part 1:
instructions part 1 | T-47 airspeeder

Part 2:
instructions part 2 | T-47 airspeeder

Part 3:
instructions part 3 | T-47 airspeeder

Part 4:
instructions part 4 | T-47 airspeeder

Part 5:
instructions part 5 | T-47 airspeeder