Assemble your own Fåctötum, a robot from IMEA [Instructions]

There is a certain Swedish style to these instructions for your own Fåctötum, a robot from IMEA (Intergalactic Manufactory of Electronics and Automata).  Luigi Priori has definitely found inspiration by eating a few Swedish meatballs and assembling some flat-pack home furniture.  While the instructions are for a cute little robot, half the fun of this build is enjoying the time and energy Luigi has put into designing the instructions themselves.

Fåctötum Instructions page 1

You will require a few minifigure tools and a friend to help you to carry the box of parts — this is a two-minifigure lift.

Fåctötum Instructions page 2

Fåctötum Instructions page 3

Fåctötum Instructions page 4

Fåctötum Instructions page 5

Fåctötum Instructions page 6

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  1. Håkan

    If this was pronounced like an actual Swedish word, it would be something like “Focktuhtoumm” (or [fɔk’tœtɵm:], for readers familiar with IPA notation).

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