Too much technology for a barn to handle

Sometimes, a LEGO creation (or any work of art, really) can be vague, with the viewer not being sure what it is supposed to be. Sometimes, creators themselves are not sure what their creation is. This is somewhat true for AdNorrel and his latest build, the “Coordination center.” While it is obvious that the scene is supposed to be some sort of high-tech beacon or communication hub, AdNorrel says he was more inspired to follow a specific image he imagined rather than try to justify it logically.

Coordination center

Moving from top to bottom, the glowing sphere at the apex is slightly reminiscent of a futuristic blue Eye of Sauron. The texture on the tower is interesting, as most builders would just go for an intense mix of hoses, gears and other logical-looking details without much coordination, but AdNorrel focuses on geometric shapes that are only later complimented by all sorts of technical bits. The hoses give the whole creation a bit better of a flow, connecting the tower with the grassy landscape directly. The tower and the barn join seamlessly, but still showing the strange metallic beacon bursted out through the roof at some point. The base needs mentioning too; while it does not really have much on it besides the barn and the … thing, it manages to look good with a smoothed out border and a healthy mix of stones and grass.