Prequel back to the Battle of Theed

For obvious reasons, everybody is excited about Star Wars at the moment. I have also been struck by the hype, as well as nostalgia, and both are important elements of Star Wars’ success. KW_Vauban hits the nostalgic soft spot for me, not only by recreating a stunning prequel scene, but giving it an extra edge by titling it Battlefront – Battle of Theed. All the years of playing Star Wars Battlefront are calling back to me…

Battlefront - Battle of Theed

The architecture is clean and picturesque, with a lot of depth added by the stairway leading into the buildings in the corners. The large flat area is filled up just enough to give the ongoing battle a realistic feel without an overly high density of action, something that plagues many Star Wars LEGO creations. One of my favourite parts has to be the droid lifted up in the air, because the translucent bricks supporting it actually look good as a trace of movement.

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