Not even death can save you from me!

Video games are a constant inspiration for LEGO builders, as they are sometimes for me. I do try to avoid pop-cultural inspiration in my builds, striving to keep them as unique and imaginative as possible. But for a game that has been with me for about half my life, Diablo 2, an exception could be made. The build is a somewhat loose recreation of the titular final boss, Diablo – the Lord of Terror. The reason for this looseness of recreation is timing, more about which can be read by clicking on the picture, whose description has said information.

Diablo, Lord of Terror

I am quite proud of the muscular torso design (let us not speak of the back) and the legs look good on some photos in my opinion, but the arms kind of need a rework, which would be done if time permitted so. I wish there were more pieces in dark red (and that I would own them!) so that I could have done a more gradual transition from black to red, because the current situation makes it nearly impossible to photograph, with black claws, horns and spikes standing out so much, that they get mixed up in pictures.