Assassin’s Creed Unity in LEGO: Interrupting an execution

Love it or hate it, the Assassin’s Creed videogame series has brought many historical themes into the collective consciousness of the younger generations. And while LEGO builders often don’t need another incentive to look for inspiration in history, with classic LEGO themes like castle and pirates at the core of our hobby, Assassin’s Creed falls perfectly into such time frames and therefore makes a perfect subject for our beloved bricks. One of the recent builders who picked up this inspiration is Wookiewarrior, with this amazing diorama representing a scene from Assassins Creed Unity. The scene is part of a collaborative project built for the German Comic Con a project that involves some of the best builders from Germany.

Dans les rues de Paris - Assassins Creed Unity

The ground made of tan and several related colours to achieve a more natural palette is very popular lately, especially among builders who have collected parts in these less-common earth tones. There is also great composition of the nicely textured clutter across the whole diorama, as well as genius details like a ribbon made out of minifig capes and the very realistic tree. To me, this place just looks ironically picturesque for an execution.