Nature lovers will Lovell this modernist home

Lovell Health House is an International Style modernist residence designed and built by Richard Neutra between 1927 and 1929.  It was built for the active, health-conscious Lovell family in the hills of Los Angeles.  The house’s construction is rather interesting. In addition to the steel structure integrated with tension cables, the house is actually one of the first to use gunite. Mattias Søndergaard has captured Lovell House in LEGO form with its clean lines and overlapping planes perfectly suited to LEGO construction.

The Lovell Health House

Whilst the house sits nestled into the cliff surrounded by nature, Mattias has used some artistic license to give the natural flora of Los Angeles a ‘New Hampshire’ colour spectrum.

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  1. Tom Alphin

    Mattias did a great job with this model of a classic early modernist home, situated on the hills above Los Angeles. The model is also featured on Page 79 of my book, The LEGO Architect.

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