By the dragon’s bones, this one’s a terror

Builder Jayfa is a Bionicle- and constraction-system whiz, and one of his latest technological terrors is this bone beast from the beyond. The skeleton dragon employs rows upon rows of tiny teeth for the vertebrae, and a marvelously sculpted head using largely classic System bricks perfectly incorporated into the constraction elements in the body. The aggressive pose helps bring the beast to life (or should that be undeath?), and Jayfa notes that it took a few revisions to get the creature to stand without supports, strengthening the legs and adjusting the balance.

Hex (now without stand)

1 comment on “By the dragon’s bones, this one’s a terror

  1. Purple Dave

    When posing MOC that have ball joints, it can be frustratingly impossible to get the feet to sit perfectly flat on the display surface, making the model more likely to topple over. A simple trick I figured out is to “rough pose” the model, then hold both feet down firmly with one hand while rocking the rest of the model gently back and forth. The slight adjustment of the ball joints will allow the feet to flatten against the display surface, and as long as you don’t do this too vigorously it won’t noticeably change the pose.

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