Plunder the skies in your raid zeppelin

Of all modes of aerial transport, zeppelins are almost certainly the coolest (possibly because they are the least common). And while using one for raiding other aircraft may literally be the worst possible idea, that just adds to the fantasy. The sky pirates of The Travesty seem twice as crazy and intimidating for daring to raid aircraft in something as fragile as a zeppelin. The build is somewhat simple, using many large and specialized pieces, but Ted Andes manages to bring it all together quite well.

"The Travesty"

I may be biased by nostalgia for the Adventurers zeppelin piece, but I am sure the creation has something to offer for almost everybody. The deck looks like it was just slapped together and hardly supports the clutter it carries, which is exactly what one would expect from pirates. The light use of stickers breathes just that little extra life into the creation to make it quite memorable and recognizable.

4 comments on “Plunder the skies in your raid zeppelin

  1. TJ

    It’s a little upsetting something this low-quality got blogged. Especially with a widely-seen, astoundingly good zeppelin build from not even a month ago slipping under TBB’s radar. Insult for the sake of insult isn’t my intent; I want to see TBB push for higher standards, because I want the whole community to push for higher standards. Lego Lemniscate’s message is not going unforgotten.

  2. Ted A.

    …and thus why I named it “The Travesty”, as I knew people might feel that way about it. It was built as a quick, fun backdrop to my “aeronaut” flight scene at BrickWorld17. Built it “open deck/cockpit” style like to be realistic about the weight sacrifices (and in keeping with the slap-dash style of some Ninjago sets…). What’s hard to see is the large wings that extended out the sides. It was meant as zeppelin/airplane hybrid.

    Anyway, glad that it got a reaction. I’m never opposed to bringing attention to other builds that should be recognized.

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