LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 now available, including Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go! [News]

With all the UCS Millennium Falcon craziness going on this week, LEGO also quietly released the next (and most likely final) wave of LEGO Dimensions sets. Wave 9 is now on store shelves featuring Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go! Unlike past releases, none of the sets is a retailer exclusive, so all should be available from most major retailers.

Additionally, all other LEGO Dimensions sets aside from starter packs are now 50% off or more at LEGO Shop@Home, including the Goonies and Mission Impossible Level Packs, Hermione, Excalibur Batman, Knight Rider and LEGO City Fun Packs, as well as the LEGO Batman Movie and Ghostbusters Story Packs.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at LEGO Dimensions Wave 9.

Beetlejuice Fun Pack (71349)

Just in time for Halloween, the Beetlejuice Fun Pack continues LEGO Dimensions’ love of 80s nostalgia (which is likely why LEGO Dimensions Year 2 hasn’t sold as well with younger players). The singular minifigure is the spitting image of his on-screen counterpart and endowed with so many powers that you might get the impression that LEGO wants you to finally complete the game. The Beetlejuice Adventure World is one of the most interesting yet, which compensates for the somewhat underwhelming “vehicle,” so say his name three times and let the fun begin.

71349 Beetlejuice Fun Pack is available from LEGO Shop@Home for $14.99.

The Powerpuff Girls Team Pack (71346)

Two-thirds of the Powerpuff Girls come to life bringing their never-ending optimism to LEGO Dimensions (a shot of positivity the game certainly needs). Blossom and Bubbles are included with what appear to be the biggest molded minifigure heads ever. The minifgures are based on the current Powerpuff Girls reboot on Cartoon Network (and they have hands for the first time ever!). The two vehicles are incredibly simple and not too inspiring of builds, though they do include two new prints.

In the game, the characters are incredibly overpowered including flight, heat vision, rainbow powers, as well as the elusive “lantern” abilities (now termed LEGO constructs) formerly only granted to hard-to-find Supergirl who was only given away at Comic-con and in certain PS4 starter packs. Bubbles also has Parseltongue as well as Atlantis abilities formerly granted to only Aquaman. They were originally rumored to have their own level, though a fully fleshed out Adventure World of Townsville is better than nothing.

71346 Powerpuff Girls Team Pack is available from LEGO Shop@Home for $24.99.

The Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack (71343)

Rounding out the infamous trio, Buttercup completes the Powerpuff Girls lineup (though the cartoon announced the addition of a FOURTH Powerpuff Girl in the coming week). The tomboy of the group, Buttercup has similar powers to her sisters including Spinjitzu as well. With all three Powerpuff Girls, one could easily beat most all of LEGO Dimensions. On the other hand, her Mega Blast Bot vehicle is sadly nothing more than uninspired table scraps.

71343 Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack is available from LEGO Shop@Home for $14.99.

Teen Titans Go! Team Pack (71255)

Bringing in another Cartoon Network property into the LEGO Dimensions fold, Teen Titans Go! also gets the double-pack treatment with Raven and Beast Boy minifigures. The original voice actors reprise their roles and the show creators even created a special mini-episode of the show accessible through the game. Either Teen Titan Go! pack unlocks their Adventure World which feels slightly more robust than previous worlds.

Raven, a character who combines light and dark in one, has one of the last exclusive powers opening “Raven Portals” if you ever want to 100% the game. She can also create LEGO constructs, use magic, fly, shoot lasers, create electricity, and is an “intelligent” character. Her minifigure is pretty faithful to her cartoon form, and fun fact, she is the only Teen Titan that hasn’t had a physical minifigure before this game. Her mini-build is her spell book and quite well executed.

Beast Boy, on the other hand, has had only one minifigure iteration before in the 76035 DC Comics  Jokerland set from 2015. In the game, Beast Boy uses a banana as a boomerang and can transform into a variety of animals each with their special ability. Unlike Jake from the Adventure Time Team Pack, Beast Boy does not have a big fig variant in the game (which I think is a huge missed opportunity). His minifigure conveys the humorous roles he typically finds himself in, and his vehicle is a smart T-car, reminiscent of the current Mighty Micros line.

One added bonus with either Teen Titan Go! packs, Cyborg from the DC Comics Fun Pack, and Robin from The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack, will both transform into their cartoon variants in the Teen Titans Go! Adventure World, completing the under-aged superhero squad.

71255 Teen Titans Go! Team Pack is available from LEGO Shop@Home for $24.99.

Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack (71287)

Completing the Teen Titans, Starfire is the last overpowered character to be added to LEGO Dimensions. The former princess is only one of three characters with rainbow abilities, can also use Atlantis elementals, speak Parseltongue as well as fly and shoot lasers. Her mini-build is the Titan Robot, echoing the same magenta colors as her hair. She has also only had one minifugure iteration before, in the same 76035 Jokerland set as Beast Boy.

71287 Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack is available from LEGO Shop@Home for $14.99.

That wraps up Wave 9 of LEGO Dimensions (and likely the entire game). Check out the trailer below to see the gameplay and all of these new characters interacting.

7 comments on “LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 now available, including Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go! [News]

  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The Brothers Brick, the largest Lego fan site in the world…is saying that Dimensions is ending? My gosh, I don’t care how accurate the rumors seem, but endorsing those rumors? REALLY? Between that and the “humorous” one liners found throughout this post, I am awarding this article as my least favorite post by TBB ever.

  2. Purple Dave


    First, I think “largest LEGO fan site in the world” is probably between Brickset and Eurobricks right now. Second, are you kidding? The writing is on the walls. And the floor. And the ceiling. And the roof. There’s even a patch of multicolored flowers that were planted out front to spell words. Consider this:

    1. Two years ago we were buying Wave 1, and we knew release dates and contents of Waves 1-5, encompassing all of Year 1.

    2. Eight months later, we were buying Wave 5 and wrapping up Year 1. Fun Pack prices had been reduced quite a bit in the meantime.

    3. One year ago, we were buying Wave 6, and we knew the release date and contents of Wave 7, and what properties would be included in the rest of Year 2.

    4. One full year later, we are just now wrapping up Year 2, with the last couple waves having been delayed quite a bit. We know zilch about Year 3. No Wave 10 announcements, no properties announcements, no release date announcements, not even a proof of life announcement. S@H has slashed prices on all previous waves (normal for Amazon, not so much for LBR). I tried checking on preorder status for Wave 9 on Amazon less than a month ago, and they’d reset the release date to December. I read earlier this week that Amazon was claiming to be sold out. It took almost a full week for all of the AFOL sites I check to even notice that Wave 9 had launched in the first place, which at the very least suggests there were no press releases to remind everyone of the street date.

    5. The Nintendo Switch won’t play Wii U discs, meaning you’d need a new starter to retain 1/3 of the console market. It also undocks to become a giant Gameboy, which isn’t really compatible with the idea of a plug-I’m accessory and a pile of RFID tokens.

    6. When Dimensions launched, they stopped making stand-alone games entirely. The next three potential stand-alones became Story Packs instead. The next release we have heard about is the LEGO Ninjago Movie game, while The LEGO Batman Movie only got one of this Story Packs, and again, not even a peep about Year 3 between SDCC and any electronics/video game trade shows they’ve been too recently with TLNM game demos in tow.

  3. The Anonymous Hutt

    @Purple Dave

    I’m not saying I don’t believe the rumors, or that they aren’t true. I’m saying that this site has a history of only posting about reliable news. the fact is, these rumors are not reliable news. as a accurate as they are. I’m sick of all the fan sites endorsing these rumors, partially because I love the game and partially because the official start of the rumors came from a site run by some … with an ego the size of Texas.

  4. Purple Dave

    I guess I forgot about a couple of games when adding #6. I thought the MCU game came out before Dimensions launched, and I never bought the Disney Wars game so I completely forgot it existed.

    They have TLNM set to release the day before the movie premieres, and Marvel Superheroes 2 coming in November. We haven’t really seen much for TLNM, and the only thing I can think of is that the game might be under embargo due to the movie coming out right after. We’ve been getting lots of character reveals for Marvel, though, and have been going back a few months. We haven’t even heard them confirm that Year 3 is still in the pipes, so there’s no way any new product is coming out still this year. By the time we could see something, there will be a new XBox system (means a new starter set), at which point all three systems will have been replaced during the short run of this game. We already saw the PS4 get a new starter set, and I didn’t really get the impression that it was a smash hit. Mostly people bought it for Supergirl, and many of us bought it on deep discount at or before launch.

    I don’t know who you’re referring to with that ego comment, but the origin of the rumors that I remember were tied to two main details. One was the total lack of Dimensions presence at the last video game trade show, where they were already running demos of LM2. Since there doesn’t seem to be much noise about TLNM the game, you’d think they’d also want to talk up what was once seen as their flagship game, especially since they still had packs due out later this year. The other was a report on, I believe, an internal meeting where they were discussing how best to allocate resources for upcoming game projects, and there was either no mention of Dimensions or it was shoved to the bottom of the list. At best they might do a promo release of Lord Vorton since they know there’s demand and expectation for him, but I don’t see them ponying up to license new properties, and without dipping into retired themes there really isn’t much in the way of original IP left for them to make a full year out of. Heck, there wasn’t much left after Year 1. Even then they had only two original IP (Ninjago and Chima) out of 14 properties, but they did account for ten total characters in nine packs. In Year 2, they only had one character in one pack representing one original IP (Chase McCain for LEGO City) out of 15 total properties, and the total number of regular characters dropped from 44 to 29 if my count is correct (not including Green Arrow or Supergirl since they were Year 2 promo characters tied to a Year 1 IP).

  5. The Anonymous Hutt

    @Purple Dave

    As I have already sated, I’m not saying I don’t believe the rumors. But since you brought up a couple of things, I feel the need to argue them:

    1. The “two main details.”

    The rumors had already started before E3(the game conference you mentioned). In fact, certain sites were going with the theory “IF LEGO DIMENSIONS ISN’T AT E3, THE GAME IS DEAD!” Yeah, that alone doesn’t convince me.

    Also, with this “business meeting”, the only proof we have is the word of one man, who is also the man with the massive ego I mentioned earlier, the head of Bricks to Life, where all of this crap started.

  6. Purple Dave

    About E3, they’re not wrong. If you have something when E3 rolls around, you show it. If you don’t show anything, it’s pretty likely that you don’t have anything. Generally speaking, Dimensions was _done_. It was approaching being two years old at that point. It’s not like they had to hold back because the game engine was falling apart. All they had to do was show new content, and they didn’t. They used to talk about how great Year 1 sales were, but they never said that about Year 2. They had one console change over around the transition from Year 1 to Year 2, a second somewhere in the middle of Year 2 (which has yet to see a Starter Set, and almost certainly won’t because the core concept of the game falls apart with a portable console), and they’re currently staring down the barrel of a third (again, with no hint of a new Starter Set). It’s a ridiculously looooong game if you want to get 100% on everything. How many people are likely to want to rebuy a premium-priced game and repeat one to two years worth of gameplay just to upgrade the experience to a newer console? How many people keep the previous console plugged in when they bought the latest model?

    I think they got hit with a one-two blow of having overproduced Year 1 sets and having the misfortune to launch a 3-year game within two years of all the consoles being phased out for newer models.

    And I’m familiar with the site you mention. Having had zero interaction with the person who runs it, I can’t judge him either by personality or by his reporting, but I do prefer his Dimensions walkthrus to anything else I’ve found out there. That right there tells me he has more than a passing experience with the video game industry, and the fact that he specializes in Dimensions info means he’s a lot more likely to go digging for that sort of information. It’s not unreasonable to expect he actually did find something out. So ask yourself, is it the information that you have a problem with, or is it that you’re refusing to accept the message because have a problem with the messenger? Are your claims of a “massive ego” based strictly on passive observation, or have you two been going at it like I’ve seen you do with other people on other sites?

  7. The Anonymous Hutt

    @Purple Dave

    I see your point on E3, but I still see several reasons not to show content:

    -there was still another announced wave to show off
    -the content may not have been ready to show
    -they simply weren’t ready to show the content for whatever reason(unlikely, I know)

    You are right about the consoles,nothing to argue there except that not everyone continually upgrades to the new consoles. Personally, I’ve only upgraded when they stop making games for the older console.

    I’m sure you are. How is anyone not familiar with the site at this point? I do have to point out that BTL’s walkthroughs have almost nothing to do with the articles posted. I’ve never looked at the walkthroughs myself, but I know enough to say “do not judge the site by the walkthroughs.”

    What you say about if I am mad at the message or the messenger: a little of both. It started with the “Quiet Cancellation of Lego Dimensions” article, and later the “Lego Dimensions Q&A.”

    I started by telling him he had to be wrong(probably not in the nicest way. Nothing too extreme, but I honestly don’t remember.) DB blocked the comment. I wrote the same comment, but nicer. He blocked the comment. I asked why he was blocking my comments. He let the comment through, and replied stating that I was a troll and about to be perma-banned. Trust me, compared to other comments on his site, I was no troll. He then proceeded to remove the “reply” button from his reply, so that I could not directly respond to him.

    Over the next few weeks, several things happened to annoy me even further:

    -The comment count from the original QCOLD article dropped from around 90 to 45. DB deleted all comments that said he was wrong. I know as FACT, that some of these comments were rage comments, but most were not. A whole string of them was a just asking questions like myself. I guess we were getting to close to the truth.

    -DB deleted more of my comments, asking legitimate questions, only after letting them get through accidentally for a short time.

    -Any of my comments DB did let through, he had to make a snarky response to. He has never let a comment of mine through until he has a “great” comeback to it. These replies were not only snarky, but insulting. DB continued to remove the “reply” button from his own comments several times.

    Apart from the comments, the site as a whole has flaws. For example, in both QCOLD articles, DB talks about how Year 2 sales are failing, yet a while back BTL was posting a “Lego Dimensions Sales” article every week.

    I just feel that the DB is going about this with the worng attitude. He seems very eager to be right, and thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is scum.

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