LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon and Winter Village Station now available for VIP members [News]

Ten years after the first version hit shelves, the new and improved 75192 Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon is now available to order from the LEGO Shop online. The largest LEGO set ever released includes 7,541 pieces, 10 minifigs, and is priced at $799.99 USD. In some locales, the set may not be available until 7:30 AM, instead of midnight.

The set will be available more broadly starting on October 1st, but is currently available only to LEGO VIP Program members. Of course, you can just sign up for a VIP membership for free, so that means the set is available to everyone now, assuming you’re ready and able to cough up the rent payment eight hundred bucks for it.

Additionally, the newest holiday set, 10259 Winter Village Station, is also available to VIP club members for $79.99. The set pairs perfectly with last year’s 10254 Winter Holiday Train and has 902 pieces (or just under an eighth of the size of the UCS Millennium Falcon for one-tenth of the price!).

These sets, along with all LEGO 2017 Advent Calendars and newer sets like the Old Fishing Store, are now available to order from the LEGO Shop online.

15 comments on “LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon and Winter Village Station now available for VIP members [News]

  1. PSU_Jedi

    I’m a Lego VIP member and when I go to the Lego online shop and log in, it still says that the Millennium Falcon is coming soon. Anyone else have this issue? Am I missing something?

  2. Dave

    I’d have the same issue from 12:00 AM – 12:15 AM Eastern time USE . I gave up and went to bed, I checked theis morning 8:00 AM Easter Time US and it still says coming soon .

  3. PSU_Jedi

    I currently live in the UK but also have a US post box. I wanted to order from the US since it’s overall cheaper ($800 vs £605, or ~$867), but since the US Lego shop has been giving us issues I checked the UK Lego shop. It’s sold out!

  4. Greg

    The Falcon was available for sale at 0800 EST, the website had multiple issues: The site crashed, VIP members could not log in, transactions were dropped before completion, the free shipping was not calculated in. After over 20 attempts I was able to get my purchase to go through.
    I spoke with the manager at the local Lego store and she said that they plan to sell this set for many years, so if you didn’t get one today, keep trying.

  5. Andrew

    Well, this was all very odd and frustrating. LEGO invariably launches products at midnight Eastern time in North America (which is why we published this post at 9:00 PM Pacific time last night), but for this one set they held off until 8:00 AM. We’re barely 90 minutes past that now, and the set is already “Temporarily Out of Stock”. Sorry, folks! We’ll post another update when the set goes live for everybody on October 1st, and look for our review in a couple of days.

  6. Winston

    They might have postponed it from midnight to 8AM EST so as to have IT staff present for the inevitable website issue that would happen LOL!

  7. Brian H.

    I live out in Hawaii and waited up to till 2am. I spoke with customer service a week ago and they stated that it would go live at about 8am EST -> 2am my time. At that time the website crashed hard for at least 3 hours. My wife got up early and procured me a copy as I went to sleep about 3:45 am. I’m not sure the set was ever available to get online because the VIP portion of the site went down so bad. If I had to make a guess(being a small business IT provider) they hit their theoretical user limit for VIP logins and the servers failed. To cap this all off their Lego phone support also went down. They had busy signals for all their phone numbers at that time. Again they probably hit their limit on available user call in’s. A well set up 800 number and phone server should be able to handle hundreds of simultaneous calls.

    At this point if you have VIP you may be able to secure a “backorder” copy and it will ship when it gets made. That’s where I stand.

    As for this set being available for months or years down the road I have my doubts about anyone easily getting it before Christmas. Just look at the Saturn V rocket. It’s been unavailable on the Lego site since June 1. I check on it’s status once a week out of habit. I got lucky to get 2 day of.

    The Millennium Falcon BROKE the website. The Saturn V did not, so I’ll pray for all you OCD people out there chomping at the bit…

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