Mamma mia! Che bella città!

If your haven’t travelled to Italy this Summer, Luca Di Lazzaro is bringing a piece of Italy to you. This stunning diorama is full of Mediterranean sun thanks to a brilliant choice of colours — tan, dark orange, reddish brown, and some touches of dark green and sand green. However, the unique irregular shaping of this tiny street is what makes the build look totally Italian. No wonder why that tourist minifigure looks so lost and delighted!

Finally here my little angle of Paradise..

3 comments on “Mamma mia! Che bella città!

  1. Cristiano

    “Che una città” doesn’t mean anything in italian, use “Che città!” to say “what a city!” or “Che bella città!” to say “What a beautiful city”. Ciao ragazzi! :)

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