Full assortment of Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO sets revealed [News]

Today we’re getting our first official look at LEGO’s initial wave of sets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If the release schedule follows that of Rogue One and The Force Awakens, the sets will hit store shelves in September. We don’t have part counts or prices yet, but you can check out what the First Order and Resistance have been getting up to with a host of new ships. While all of these sets will be available before the movie’s release, those keen on avoiding all spoilers may want to look with a guarded eye. We’ll just leave you with this awesome Ultimate Collector’s Series-style BB-8 above the fold, and you can see all the sets below.

75187 BB-8

75190 First Order Star Destroyer

75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker

75188 Resistance Bomber

75179 Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter

75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walker

75176 Resistance Transport Pod

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20 comments on “Full assortment of Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO sets revealed [News]

  1. Dave

    Good lord, the Lego fandom is full of the whiniest man-children on earth. Everything sucks, it’s overpriced, etc. If you think they’re overpriced, get a better job. If you think they suck, make them better. isn’t Lego supposed to be a creative toy? Guess it’s easier to be like Dwight Schrute (apt choice of user name there) and just bitch from your parent’s basement while you wait for your Hot Pocket.

  2. Reaen

    I’m somewhat disappointed in this wave. It’s not entirely Lego’s fault since Disney designs the concepts, but the representations here aren’t significantly better. Lego did about as good of a job as it could have with BB8 considering he’s a sphere in a brick format. The Star Destroyer is actually kinda nice, and I like how the design reduces the design flaws from the originals by not having the bridge and shield systems far elevated from the main compartment.

    I gotta say though, certain people appear to be upset over criticism of their favorite toy brand. In counter to the above low quality trolling, I’m quite well paid and moving into a house next week. They still offer poor pricing for a variety of sets, even though I could afford to buy ‘all’ of the sets they release every year. It turns out that you can actually criticize Lego, and have valuable feedback, and also have a successful life.

  3. LegoLarry

    Still prefer my Anio BB8 but the heavy walker and star destroyer will be bought they look great.

  4. Baby Yoda

    @Dave: “…get a better job.” Not quite how the world works. You might also want to note that there is no evidence of pricing on this post, so I’m not sure why you’d bring it up. “…make them better.” The whole idea of a building kit is that you get all the parts you need to make something of reasonable. You shouldn’t have to make them better. Contrary to popular belief, very few Lego sets support the idea of customizing complete models (namely Minecraft, Creator, Architecture Studio, etc.)
    You’ve confused the stereotypical AFoL demographic with that of perhaps online gamers or roleplayers. If you’re going to troll, do it right.

  5. Jeff

    Didn`t expect so many features in that tiny transport pod. Also can`t quite understand all the hate towards that scoutwalker, atleast is unique.

  6. Sean Berry

    Underwhelmed, but we do not know how much Disney had input in, and since a few of these have been around if different models, you can only re-design an atat so many different ways. I dig the Star Destroyer having an accessible internal deck…

  7. Keegan Petersen

    >No word on prices or part count yet

    >People complaining about prices


    Yeah some of these designs are trash but considering how accurate Lego usually is that makes me more worried about the movie than Lego’s own designers.

  8. Oscar Floyd

    The Resistance bomber actually looks pretty good to me. I may not be happy with the direction (or creative lack thereof ) that the Episode 5 remake is taking, but please remember everyone, that Lego was designed for Children who don’t care about the building techniques, only the play features of it.

    Some of these sets look quite good when it comes to play features for the kids.

    BB-8 is definitely one I would get if I ever have the space for Lego again, or the money/time

  9. The Anonymous Hutt

    BB-8 is a giant ball. Not much to say here.

    The Star Destroyer is okay, but I wish they’d find a way to make a better interior. Though I do understand the restraints.

    The Heavy Assault Walker is okay, but the neck area seems a little “holy.”

    The Resistance Bomber looks like something from WW2 or an X-Wing that was smushed into a weird shape. I like it! xD

    Kylo Ren’s tie Fighter looks better than his shuttle! xD

    The Heavy Scout Walker is just…bleh. Before today, I assumed it stood up and became something along the lines of an At-ST. Guess I was wrong…

    The Resistance Pod looks like an excuse to have Rose in a set. I don’t really care for this one.

    I sincerely hope that Luke shows up in a set next year. I mean, people have been waiting since Fall 2015 for an old Luke. Don’t make us wait until Episode 9!

  10. Mike Lilly

    @Dave I agree with you on the ‘creative building toy.’ It IS!
    I’ve had this argument (friendly mind you) with fellow Afol’s and collectors. It’s meant to be customizable. I’ve not liked some kits but realized afterwards that designs are governed by price point (the designer can’t go beyond a certain price pt/piece count to make it as good as he/she can.). The designs they make are usually based on reference and that reference is from concept art and/or not having every angle on the ship/vehicle, etc. Lot’s of factors. One of the biggest is making it playable for kids and a stable model for play. So all that goes into it. Lot’s of people don’t understand this. The designers at Lego are incredible. They can make it accurate and a beautiful model but they gotta’ work under limits or every model would be a UCS kit.

    I do disagree with your Dwight Shrute reference. Remember he bitches but is also the TOP salesman at Dunder Mifflen (he got 13 Employee of the month awards in one year…the extra award was in lieu of payment) and he owns a 100 acre Beet Farm and he solved the Case of the Beet Bandit (Missing beets from all over the farm, no footprints. Inside job, Mose in socks. Boom, case closed.)

  11. Rory

    My only gripe is that the Star Destroyer’s interior is lacking. “Closed” it looks cool, but the playability is lackluster. I’m sure I’m missing something there. The BB8 looks cool, I’ll probably buy that. So, no play sets?? Does anyone remember when we had cool Lego Castles (that weren’t horrible amalgamations of space/castle? Offer a set sized halfway between the one for Ep. 7 and the Hoth “UCS” one and retail it for some point in between the price points for those sets and I’ll buy that all day long. Give us a play set with some minifigures! My 9 year old and I will tank you with money from my wallet. Thanksssss

  12. huxley75

    Walkers against a white background, a Star Destroyer over a planet trying to hem in a transpot, TIE Fighters in front of an asteroid field. I understand that these sets aren’t based on a complete movie and some of the vehicles may not actually be in said final movie but…dear God…I hope that “The Last Jedi” isn’t a re-hashing of “Empire Strikes Back” with the big reveal being that Luke (or Obi Wan) is Rey’s father.

  13. elisuryana

    Very interesting theme. I completely understand that people are somewhat disappointed with these Lego sets. And a Lego BB-8 sounds like an interesting idea, even though it will never be able to spin like a sphere like the BB-8 does like in the movie.

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