Shake a tail feather and head to Ray’s Music Exchange

When two brothers, Jake and Elwood Blues, reform their band in the movie The Blues Brothers, they have high hopes of saving the orphanage in which they were raised from financial ruin. One slight issue is the requirement for musical instruments, and this leads the brothers to Ray’s Music Exchange where R&B genius Ray Charles has a cameo as the store owner. Nate Flood has built a perfect LEGO version of the infamous store, complete with a fantastic ‘LEGO-ized’ version of the famous mural.

LEGO Ray's Music Exchange

Nathan’s build is not just an exterior though, as inside we can see Jake and Elwood strutting their stuff, with Ray Charles at the piano and the guys shaking some tail feathers with their guitars and saxophones.

LEGO Ray's Music Exchange


4 comments on “Shake a tail feather and head to Ray’s Music Exchange

  1. Nate Flood

    I’d like to add that the mural was done by legendary LEGO artist Greg Hyland! It was an honor to work with him as he was excited for this project. It was then printed onto the brick by Terry Akuna – who had to do a bit of editing to get it to conform to the brick.

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    John – this is a LEGO fan creation by Nate Flood who commented above you. I imagine he only made one so it is not a ‘set’ that you can buy.

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