Yamaha Tachikoma tank is music to my ears

French builder F@bz doesn’t remain aloof from the current month-long Tachikoma theme and delivers an exceptional mech model to the party.

Yamaha Tachikoma (10)

Futuristic and a little bit weird, this Tachikoma tank’s got a lot of noteworthy building and design solutions. I’m speaking not only about mind-blowing use of motorcycle fairing pieces as leg armor (by the way, these parts appeared only in a couple of Junior sets in 2004-2006), but also about a Yamaha logo on the side of the tank. Not only does it look unusual and realistic, but also immediately gives the model an intriguing background story: Imagine a future where a global manufacturer of musical instruments and marine engines becomes a leading mech brand. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?