In space, no one can hear you smack your lips

Things are heating up in our Space Chefs Competition Kitchen with these two fun entries whetting our appetite for more culinary creations.

For a quick appetizer,  Lego 7‘s Hot Dog Chef will relish the opportunity to make the largest, tastiest hot dog in the galaxy. With spare dogs in the back and condiments at the ready, his speedy skills will let you ketchup and get on with your day!

Space Hot Dog Chef - Step3

For a second course,  Marco Marozzi serves up his slightly fishy looking Masterchef.  I love his head and eyes, while his belly suggests that he likes to taste his culinary creations first.  With four arms I’m sure he can fillet a fish faster than you can say it!

Friday Fish Fry with MasterChef Cooking Droid
If you haven’t entered yet, don’t get yourself in a pickle…there’s still time as the competition is open until midnight 29 Feb 16.  Head over to the Space Chefs group on Flickr and check out the categories, rules and prize details.