Tired and angry with the pressures of life

This diorama by Sad Brick is apparently simple…just a tire minding its own business, rolling along a road that cuts through the desert. For those who have not seen the French 2010 movie Rubber, this tire is called Robert and he is sentient. Robert has a few personality issues, perhaps related to being abandoned in the desert as a “young tire” and he soon teaches himself to kill. The violence starts to inflate and Robert  goes on a bit of a killing spree using psychokinetic energy.


Sad Brick has used depth of field to good effect in this diorama, giving a sense of movement to the tire Robert. The setting is clearly the desert with the sand and the cute cactus add some colour. I especially like the simplicity of the railing and the hint of danger and death using the animals and skeletal remains.

Editor’s note: Our apologies to both the British author of the post and all our readers outside the U.S. for Americanising (see what I did there?) the spelling of “tyre.” Sadly perhaps, the tired pun (heh heh…) in the title just works better in “American.”

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  1. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    I read this and all I can see is a spelling mistake! ahhh ‘tire’ should be ‘tyre’ ha ha….

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