This will get you through the blizzard

It’s no secret that Ice Planet is my favourite Space subtheme, so when I saw this “Elephant” transport vehicle from Kirill, I knew I was going to have a good time.

Elephant Transporter

There’s a lot more to this behemoth than ample use of large Technic parts to create a very solid hull. As the creator explains, inspiration came from the new Nexo Knights theme and all its new parts, which borrow heavily from the Ice Planet livery.

But, what you may not have guessed, is that this build is entirely motorized and able to traverse actual snow and ice:

(EDIT: An earlier version of this post mis-attributed the photo and the builder’s name. We contacted the real builder and confirmed who actually built this excellent vehicle. We take proper attribution very seriously. Our apologies to the builder and our readers for getting the attribution wrong on this one.)

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  1. desert752

    Hello! I don’t know who is Den Vut and why he posts my models to Flickr without my permission but I’m glad you’ve posted my Ice Monster!

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