LEGO Nexo Knights officially unveiled [News]

Today at the New York Comic Con, LEGO officially pulled the curtain from their newest line, Nexo Knights. A cross between Space and Castle, Nexo Knights features knights in robotic power armor riding mechanical hovering horses and driving giant vehicles. The Nexo Knights theme will be accompanied by a companion app titled Merlok 2.0, as well as a 20-episode television series chronicling the adventures of the knights. It airs in December.

LEGO Nexo Knights robotic horseLEGO Nexo Knights Fortrex (70317)
LEGO Nexo Knights logoLEGO Nexo Knights Jestro & Clay

While many of our viewers will no doubt be having flashbacks to Knights Kingdom II right about now, it looks like these sets will at the least feature a lot of new parts great for Space and Mecha builders. We also still haven’t seen the full set lineup, so keep your eyes out for the rest of the sets.

Read the full press release after the jump.

LEGO Nexo Knights

LEGO Nexo Knights Aaron and Axl

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Catapults Into Action

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2015
The LEGO Group today announced LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS,™ a new, original LEGO property depicting a medieval kingdom set in a futuristic world where five young, brave knights “download” special powers to their shields in order to battle the royal court’s evil Jestro and a cast of monsters to restore peace. The story comes to life through LEGO building sets, an episodic television and a digital gaming app that fuels story-driven gameplay. The property launches later this year, with products available starting January 1, 2016. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS characters, story, app experience and two iconic building sets from the collection will be previewed to New York Comic Con attendees, Thursday, October 8 through Sunday, October 11 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

“Inspired by insights to meet the emerging needs of today’s kids, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS juxtaposes a timeless world of medieval knights with a futuristic twist in a captivating story that invites children to explore LEGO play in a whole new way,” said Casper Thingholm of the LEGO Group. “LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS offers children the rewarding building experiences they know and love, amplified by digital enhancements that merge what today’s kids love: self-expression, strong characters, deep content-driven story and digital gaming.”

Set in the futuristic, high-tech world of the Kingdom of Knighton, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS follows five young knights in their quest to battle Jestro, his sidekick, the Book of Monsters, and their Lava Monster Army. Heroic knight, Clay Moorington, leads the band of knights, including alpha superstar Lance Richmond, hipster Aaron Fox, Macy Halbert, a princess who would rather be a knight, and Axl, the giant. Together, under the tutelage of Knights’ Academy mentor and Great Digital Wizard, Merlok 2.0, they join forces to defeat the enemy.

Building Sets and Consumer Products
Fourteen richly detailed building sets will be available in January 2016, ranging in price from $9.99 to $99.99. Additional building sets will launch in August 2016. The first two sets are being revealed at New York Comic Con. Consumer products partners across key categories are also engaged in creating a merchandise program dedicated to LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, such as publishing and soft goods.

To extend the story and increase playing fun, more than 150 unique LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS powers – represented as shields – have been scattered across the kingdom of Knighton. The powers can be found in building sets, online, in print and directly in the television content. Existing in both physical and digital form, children can discover, scan and collect varied powers using the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0 app. Once added to a digital power collection, children can creatively and continuously find new ways to join the knights to defeat the enemy, in their gaming experience.
Available in late December 2015, the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0 app will be available as a free download via App Store, Google Play, Samsung Apps and Amazon Appstore.

Television Series
LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, a 20-episode, animated adventure comedy series, will debut on select global broadcast television networks as soon as late December 2015 and air throughout 2016. The core means by which children follow the story and get to know the characters, the series follows the constant adventures of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS heroes and villains. Children will also be able to scan new LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS powers directly from their content viewing screen into their app games, further connecting their play experience.

LEGO Nexo Knights Lance, Aaron, and Claybot

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  1. Bricklayer79

    I’m not really a Space or a Knights kind of builder, but I think this looks pretty cool. Does that make me a bad person? ;)-

  2. Chris Post author

    Bricklayer79: Haha, not at all. I can’t say I’m fan of the set design, obviously, but some of the new parts have me quite excited. The 1×1 pyramid slope looks really neat, and a 1×1 tile with a classic Black Falcon logo? Sign me up!

  3. Yakostovian

    I think I will finally be able to resume making some custom Ice Planet sets without breaking the bank….

  4. Chris Post author

    TooMuchDew: Actually, that one minifig hardsuit looks almost ready-made for Warhammer 40K. New arms and everything.

    And I can’t tell if the parts are trans-orange or Ice Planet’s trans-neon-orange. From the real photos, it almost looks like the good guys have trans-neon-orange, and the bad guys have trans-orange, but it’s probably the lighting. They’re almost certainly all trans-orange, which is a pity.

  5. the enigma that is badger

    “The fabulous secret powers of the Nexo were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said “BY THE CLUTCH POWER OF GRAYSKULL”

  6. hipp5

    I think this looks like a really cool line. That being said, I’m a little disappointed it exists because that probably means we won’t be seeing any more classic castle sets for quite a while.

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