A Drone a day keeps the meatbags away

I’ve been horribly remiss in not yet blogging my favorite month of the year, Droneuary. To amend for this oversight, feast your eyes on some of the best from the first half of the month.

Andrew Lee has been a one-man drone factory, churning out a fantastic variety of civilian drones in all shapes and sizes. This rogue medibot is a particular favorite.


Pascal has brought his clean aesthetic to the month, with a number of group shots of multiple drones. I particularly like the alien look of this batch, and the nicely layered background kicks the whole photo up another notch.

Sentinel Drones

Last but certainly not least, Forest King kicked off the month with this atmospheric scene of a drone striketeam conquering a rampart.


2 comments on “A Drone a day keeps the meatbags away

  1. Tananavalley

    Great models, but Andrew Lee’s Drones were on the front page just ten days ago. How much does he pay you? Or are there just unmarked boxes of LEGOs left by your door. (hope it’s the latter)

  2. Carter Post author

    Derp, you’re totally right. Fortunately, he has a wide selection of kickass drones to choose from. It’s more threats than bribery; he stole a couple of my figs and mails me a hand at a time when he thinks it’s been too long since I’ve posted a model of his.

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