Giant LEGO Landspeeder is 3000 bricks worth of droid smuggling awesomeness

These are not the bricks you’re looking for!” Given that this is only Aaron Fiskum‘s second build, we are very impressed. Using almost 3000 bricks and measuring about 2 feet (half a meter) in length, this Star Wars “X34” landspeeder was designed to match the scale and style of LEGO’s Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) sets, that have become much coveted by LEGO’s more grown-up fan base.

Every detail has been faithfully recreated, right down to the very comfortable looking cockpit shown below. Make sure to check out Aaron’s Flickr album for loads more close-up shots.


3 comments on “Giant LEGO Landspeeder is 3000 bricks worth of droid smuggling awesomeness

  1. Mad Czech

    First thought was “Whoa! Cooool…”

    Second thought was “Whoa! Two feet?!?” Makes it too big as far as I’m concerned. I prefer designs that use the minimum number of parts to achieve the desired effect… in this case, I think something more along the lines of an Arvo Brothers model would work better, which would be appropriate considering that this type of landspeeder is about the same size as a real-world car.

    Still, great effort, and I look forward to seeing more from this builder.

  2. Ralph

    It’s a shame that,s short of sculpting it out of transparent plates and slopes, there’s no obvious way to recreate the shape of the windscreen on this scale, because that is the one part of this model that looks awkward.

  3. Psyence

    Ralph, please check into my updates in the coming weeks at the link the link below. You’ll see a new windscreen that may appeal to you using complete and unchanged Lego parts. I’ll admit that my knowledge of the Lego windscreen library was limited at the time of the build. Also, if you like this build feel free to support it:

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