Oribital launch is go!

I see a lot of rockets and spaceships, and a lot of bases and landing pads, but I don’t see cool scenes of things using controlled explosions to escape gravity nearly often enough, and I’m guessing you don’t either. LukeClarenceVan‘s diorama satisfies admirably with what must surely be the most picturesque launchpad in the world. I’m not sure what the backstory is here, but I’m guessing this is the hidden lair of Bond villain.

Blast Off!

2 comments on “Oribital launch is go!

  1. michael.rutherford

    General Ravenchist. Well deserved. Congrats. Fill out the rest of your ORBAT with stuff like this and your detractors will be silenced! It really is an ambitious scene, and I love all the “bonus” material (ship, helicopter…).

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